Save the Bees

Posted on Fri February 8, 2019.

BEEKEEPING brings out all the human creativity in any outdoor person, and combines it with the ingenious creativity of the honey bee.

Suburban Beekeeping
The keeping of bees in the suburban areas is allowed under certain properly managed conditions. Many homeowners discover they have a feral swarm of bees in their garden which, as the description states they are wild and uncontrollable. When the swarm becomes too big the bees may become agitated and behave aggressively. It is always advisable to deal with bees as soon as they have moved in as leaving them too long makes their removal difficult. Most homeowners do not want their bees destroyed and should call in a professional beekeeper to assist. (Refer to Services Offered – Bee Removals.)

On the other hand a feral swarm may be properly managed so that their space for growth and contraction of the swarm, depending on the time of year is adequately controlled in order to keep the bees actively and calmly occupied at the bottom of the garden, doing what bees know best – pollinating your garden flowers and shrubs and making honey.

It is legitimate to keep bees in the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipal area if you have a permit to do so. Contact Southerns Beekeeping Association to find out how to obtain a permit. A copy of the by-laws pertaining to beekeeping in this area follows underneath. If you intend taking up beekeeping in this manner then it is advisable that you join our Association.

Another way in which Southerns can help you to keep bees in your garden is through our Managed Suburban Beekeeping Programme. You can sponsor a hive on your property which will be managed by a registered beekeeper from Southerns. Either you can buy the hive and own it and share the products from it or the beekeeper will own the hive and provide you from time to time with honey harvested from the hive on your property. The hive must be properly sited and out of the way of dangers of animals and children interfering with it. If your area is not suited to the keeping of an approved bee hive, then the beekeeper will advise you so.

Contact our Association if you are interested in this Programme. You may start off with having a managed hive in your back garden and end up becoming a registered beekeeper making a lucrative sideline out of your hobby.

There has been a marked reduction in the number of bees in the urban areas over the past decade. This is a result, as usual, of urban growth and development, town house complexes going up and a general decline in vegetation and flora in the city. This is one way of bringing back the important contribution bees make to a healthy environment.

Southern Beekeeping Association

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